Virtual Dance FAQs


Virtual Dance Information

What devices and programs are needed?

PSMD uses Zoom to livestream classes and interact with our students. Zoom is a free video-conferencing program that is compatible with nearly all camera built-in laptop & desktop computers, tablets, and smart phones. Due to COVID-19, most students are already familiar with the program.
Click here to download Zoom.

What are the differences between "hybrid" and "virtual" classes?

In a "virtual" class, all students are learning at home via Zoom. A "hybrid" class is taught with students both in person and at home via Zoom. Each dance studio is equipped with a large flatscreen monitor to ensure that all students, in person and those at home, are receiving adequate feedback and individual attention.

What should my child wear to virtual class?

While our in-studio uniform is not required, students will still need the proper shoes for each class. Students will also need to wear clothing they can easily move in. Traditional dance attire such as leotards, tights, and/or athletic wear is encouraged.

Can my child switch from hybrid to live classes later on?

Absolutely! Feel free to call the office at any time to make the switch! Click here to view the live class schedule.

How does virtual learning compare to in-studio?

Heading into the unique times 2020 has brought, we were unsure how our transition to virtual learning would go. However, after working out a few kinks and consistantly researching ways to create the best experience possible, we have learned that virtual dance training has benefited our students as much, if not more, than in-person classes. Our team continuously tweaks our curriculum to fit our students' needs. Our most recent update: 40+ inch flat screen monitors have been placed in each dance studio for teachers to give even more in depth feedback for our virtual students.

Is their technical support?

Of course! PSMD's administrative staff will be on call during virtual class hours.