Madeline Yentsch

Madeline Yentsch is currently finishing her degree in Dance Education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Originally from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she has been dancing for 19 years, training in multiple styles and techniques of ballet, modern, jazz, and tap, as well as competing in competition dance settings. She has trained with tap master Gene Medler, as well as former members of the Martha Graham dance company, Rockettes and Lion King. She has performed and worked with choreographers Niche Faulkner, Tamara Williams, and Donell Stines Jones. This past summer, Madeline danced and performed in Torino and Moncalvo, Italy. She took classes at both Orsolina 28 and Arke Danza School, training with master teacher Matilde Demarchi. Madeline enjoys teaching a variety of techniques and dancing and creating with her students.