A Unique Dance Studio Experience

Piedmont School of Music & Dance

  • Why Choose our Dance Studio

    A Dance School Driven By Excellence!


    Our dance studio places students in classes based upon their skill level and not by age.  To ensure each student is placed in the proper level, an placement class will be scheduled with a member of our teaching staff.


    Parents are very impressed with the education and professionalism of our staff.  The School currently boasts award winning faculty members who have danced professionally and with companies such as: American Ballet Theatre, San Fransisco Ballet, Charlotte Ballet and Milwaukee Ballet.  The school’s incomparable faculty specializes in teaching ages three and up.  The qualifications of PSMD’s staff is unprecedented.


    Each of our dance studios has “floating floors” and a marley top surface.  Our special floors help reduce the risk of injuries and allow students to dance longer without getting tired.  A “floating floor” is a dance floor that rests on a system of high-density foam, to absorb the shock of jumping.  The high-density foam base is superior to a “sprung” floor, which usually consists of a wood structure built on the regular floor.  “Marley” is a vinyl composite accepted worldwide as the best surface layer for recreational to professional dance.  It allows dancers to slide but has a great balance between being too slippery and too sticky.


    To ensure the best possible instruction for your child, our dance studio limits the number of students in each class.


    Individualized attention is critical to the development and progress of dance students. Instructors at Piedmont School of Music & Dance offer one on one attention to every student in each level. Individual corrections provide students with a clear understanding of their specific areas of needed improvement and enable them to reach their full potential. Additionally, written class reports and individual evaluations are made available throughout the year so parents can have a clear understanding of their child’s successes and areas of needed improvement.


    Beginning through advanced levels have extended dance class times which can span from 45 minutes up to 2 hours per discipline (Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop and Pointe.) The longer class times allow our instructors to teach technique and not “just a dance for the year end recital”. Studios that only allow enough time to focus on the year-end recital are allowing their students to miss valuable technical and artistic instruction.

    Maximizing your Dance Classes

    Motivation is what gets you started.


    On your way to becoming a good dancer, it is important you attend as many of your scheduled dance classes as possible or you may miss new material and helpful corrections. If you must miss a dance lesson, letting your studio know in advance is appropriate. Schedule a make up class or ask the school if your instructor is available to teach a private lesson. A private lesson is worth five dance classes!


    A lot of material can be covered in one class. It is very important to review steps, corrections and terminology so you can be prepared for the next lesson. Another way to improve quickly is to stretch at home while doing your homework or watching television.


    Begin your dance classes by putting your best foot forward. Check the dress code for your particular class and adhere to it. Always arrive to class a few minutes early and show you are ready to go. Your dance teacher will notice these little things and know you are serious about your dancing. When taking class, always be attentive, respectful, and courteous. Concentrate on what your teacher is saying and apply these things to your dancing. Being disciplined is the fastest way to becoming a better dancer!


    Dance requires both physical and mental power. It’s important to eat a healthy snack before attending dance class to ensure you have plenty of energy for the entire lesson. Staying hydrated is equally important so please feel free to bring bottled water into the classroom. Please make sure the container is plastic and has a twist top.


    Everyone is unique and therefore improves and grows at different rates. It is important to try and not compare yourself to others. Focus on yourself in class and always remember to maintain a sense of humor. A happy dancer improves more quickly than a frustrated or sad dancer.

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    • All dance instructors have a college degree in dance and/or are former professional dancers.
    • A few faculty affiliations include American Ballet Theatre, The Juilliard School, Charlotte Ballet, San Fransisco Ballet, Milwaukee Ballet, among others.
    • Level placement is determined by skill level and not solely on age, allowing for greater success and joy.
    • All studios are equipped with a “floating” Marley dance floor which reduces the risk of injury.
    • Longer class times gives parents a higher value for their dollar as well as additional instruction.
    • Ample one-on-one attention and instruction provided in each class.
    • Secure online system for payments and registrations.
    • Ability to schedule private music lessons and dance classes for 2 or more family members at the same time.
    • Desk staff on hand during all teaching hours.
    • Parent lounge with free wi-fi and a flat screen T.V. for viewing all dance studios.
    • Students or parents never required to fund raise for studio events.
    • Families are not required to purchase end-of-year recital costumes.
    • Class reports and student evaluations are provided throughout the year.
    • Healthy balance of structure and discipline with a flair of creativity and fun.
    • Each family receives 2 free tickets and digital download of the year end dance performance.