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We want to welcome you to our dance and music school family!

  • Piedmont School of Music and Dance sets the bar very high! Both of my daughters are students at Piedmont, and both receive much more than just a quality music and dance education. The instructors at PSMD balance high expectations with quality implementation. Focus goes beyond helping students to maximize their potential as artists, to cultivating an awareness of being their very best self! The focus on detail, professionalism, and maintaining high standards places PSMD in a league of their own! I feel so fortunate to be a part of the PSMD family and highly recommend this studio.

    Author's imageThe Jewell FamilyDance & Music Family

    I have been dancing at Piedmont School of Music & Dance since 2007. This dance studio feels like a home away from home. The atmosphere right when you walk in the building is so uplifting; it’s a non-judgment zone and a place of encouragement and learning.

    When I first started dancing, I dreamed of being a classical ballerina, but when I hit puberty I realized I was not built as other classical ballerinas. Piedmont School of Music & Dance provided me with other options in addition to classical ballet, offering a variety of styles of dance. It was here where I fell in love with the contemporary style of dance. Contemporary dance opened my eyes to a new way of exploring my body through movement and dance, and I realized I didn’t need to have the perfect body to be a great dancer. If everyone was the same, the dance world would not be as unique or as inspirational as it is. You are not in competition with anyone but yourself, that competition is to be better than you were the day before, which is just one of the many life lessons I learned here. I developed confidence and selflessness at Piedmont School of Music & Dance.

    The wonderful training, performance opportunities and support I received from the faculty and fellow students at Piedmont School of Music & Dance helped me to grow as a dancer and develop a great work ethic. While training here, I was accepted into several summer dance intensives such as The Juilliard School, Hubbard Street, The Bolshoi Ballet Academy and Alonzo King Lines Ballet. As a senior in high school, the training I received and the way my confidence grew dancing here prepared me for collage auditions; because of this, I was offered several college dance scholarships.

    At Piedmont School of Music & Dance I learned to work hard and love who I am. I developed an appreciation for dance and life that I always want to share with others. It would be such an honor to come back to Piedmont School of Music & Dance as a guest performer or teacher someday.

    Author's imageKayla MuttererDance Student
  • We travel an hour away to attend Piedmont School of Music and Dance. The caliber of instruction sets the bar for excellence for other studios to follow. It is well organized and the students are challenged to achieve their best while also enjoying the process. I truly believe there isn’t a finer dance studio in North Carolina!

    Author's imageThe Williams FamilyDance Family

    The teachers and staff at School of Music & Dance are professional, caring and like family to us. My daughter has danced at Piedmont for over 5 years, and her technical ability has grown by leaps and bounds. Along with the high level of instruction she has received, she has found a group of teachers who genuinely care about her. I have never hesitated to recommend Piedmont School of Music & Dance to anyone. They are truly the best in the area.

    Author's imageMrs. WrightDance Mom

    This has been such an exciting dance year for our daughters. They are learning so much at Piedmont School of Music and Dance. They come home after practices bragging about how great the teachers and the students are. We are so blessed to be a part of this loving family. We can’t thank you enough for making the transition from one dance school to another a smooth one. Our family is so excited about being a part of this dance school and after seeing the show case we are even more amazed!

    Author's imageThe Anderson FamilyDance Family